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The Most efficient way to Deliver Frozen & Fresh Food


Therma-Post is designed to keep food and other temperature sensative products chilled or frozen during transportation.

Therma-Post is manufactured from Thermapack Ultra Double Reflective Foil Aluminium Insulation. Two layers of highly reflective Foil act as a radiant barrier seperated by an air bubble membrane to prevents cold bridging to maintains cold temperatures for longer.

Whilst Therma-Post is only 4mm thick it offers similar performance to 55mm of Polystyrene. Therma-Post takes up minimal and your customers do not have the problem of disposing of bulky Polystyrene boxes.


You'll Receive a FREE Jig,Tape Dispenser and Tape with Your first Therma-Post Order placed TODAY!

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Three sizes of Therma-Post are available to buy online at the lowest prices in Europe. You can also order our CoolaPack refrigeration packs for increased peformancetoo. See our video then scroll down to Order Therma-Post