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sulated Pallet Cover





Trial one of each of ThermaPack Ultra Double & EcoQuilt Expert Insulated Pallet Covers

Receive Insulated Pallet Covers both types of Insulation material. You can even choose the size to suit your products.

You can order them online
or by calling TPS Sales on 0114 323 0474

Fast & Free Delivery within the UK Mainland. You can order online for European desitinations too.



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TPS Insulated Pallet Covers - Easy to fit, Maximum
Protection and Performance at the lowest online prices...


TPS Insulated pallet covers are designed to protect food produce, drinks, pharmaceutical and 1,000's of other temperature sensitive materials

during storage and transportation.

You can choose from two levels of Insulation from our standard pallet cover range made from ThermaPack, ThermaPack Ultra Double up to our highest performance solution of EcoQuilt Expert for maximum protection.

Delivery is Free of charge within most of the UK Mainland and dispatched within 48 Hours when ordering online.

(See the guide chart to your right for more information)


Watch the video to see how easy TPS Insulated Pallet Covers fit




Technical Insulated Pallet


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